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Kaboodle version 1.02
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(Released 11 June 2005)
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Kaboodle is a free, open-source Internet app which provides:
  • Complete visualization of your LAN, updated in near-real time.
  • A point-and-click interface to take remote-control of what it finds.
  • A "personal VPN" capability to securely connect Kaboodle-enabled LANs together across the Internet.
  • File transfer, continous network monitoring, and more.
and Kaboodle is optimized for easy use; no TCP/IP expertise required!
(though it doesn't hurt...)

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After many years of effort, Kaboodle has finally matured into a release we're proud to label as "1.0". Give it a try; feature requests welcome!

For more information on changes in since version 0.99e, see the news page.

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