Please Support the EFF!

Kaboodle is being developed by Echogent Systems, Inc., in conjunction with a team of hired-guns & volunteers under the open-source model. It is written in C and C++, using the wxWindows cross-platform toolkit. All of the source code to the program is made available under the GNU General Public License, which essentially allows anyone to modify the source code as long as they publicize the changes. The code is hosted on SourceForge.

The primary developers of Kaboodle are Scott Best, Igor Kotelevsky, Oleg Lyapin and Varsha K. The lead tech support guru is Aryeh Goretsky. The original version's development was led by Rekesh John of CSWL. A curteous thanks to Audacity for the webpage theme and some of the icons.

Kaboodle is free for individual use, but we're asking for a $10 development contribution from enterprises or government agencies, or even motivated individuals, who find it useful. Your support means we can add more features, clean up more bugs, and in general make it a better application for you. Thanks in advance!

A special thanks to all the teachers of America.