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Some commonly asked questions about KaboodleProxy...and answers!

What is KaboodleProxy?

KaboodleProxy is special feature of the GetEngaged "Personal VPN" capability of Kaboodle®. It provides the easiest possible way for Kaboodle users to find and connect with each other, by enabling connections through an echoServer.

How does it help?

By connecting through an echoServer with KaboodleProxy, Kaboodle users no longer need to adjust thier firewall or router settings in order to connect with each other -- no more port-forwarding, reverse-tunnels, or anything like that. KaboodleProxy also makes it easier to find your connection partner. So no more IP addresses, dynamic-DNS clients -- all you need to know is their email address.

Is it similar to, or

Yes, it is similar. There are many remote-access products which use "relay servers" or "proxy servers" similar to how KaboodleProxy uses an echoServer. However, unlike those subscription services, you can install and run your own echoServer, with no subscription costs.

Where can I download a echoServer binary?

You can find pricing and download info for an echoServer here.

Can I try it before I buy?

Of course! Echogent Systems, Inc. is sponsering a "Demo echoServer", which you can learn more about here.

Do I need to buy an echoServer to use Kaboodle?

Not at all! Kaboodle is a free and open-source and always will be. KaboodleProxy just makes its GetEngaged "Personal-VPN" capability as easy as possible to use. If you're comfortable administering your firewall/router as needed, you can always use Kaboodle to connect "directly" with your partners, or even connect with some partners directly and some with KaboodleProxy and an echoServer.

How does an echoServer work?

As its name implies, an echoServer acts as a proxy, or a middle-man, between two or more echoWare-enabled applications (such as Kaboodle), helping to connect their data transactions across the Internet. Even if the Kaboodle users are situated behind restrictive firewalls which they are unable to administer, an echoServer can help the users connect with each other.

Does KaboodleProxy lessen the security of Kaboodle?

No! Kaboodle uses the Zebedee application to securely connect the two endpoints of a GetEngaged "Personal-VPN" connection. And unlike other services similar to KaboodleProxy, the proxy software which acts as the middle-man for the connection is not actually part of the data connection -- it simply delivers the data from one Kaboodle endpoint to another. The data being transacted remains end-to-end secure.

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