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11 June 2005

  • Version 1.02 released. This is a minor bug-fix release to allow the Zebedee port Kaboodle uses for GetEngaged connections to be user-settable.

9 May 2005

  • Version 1.01 released. This is a minor bug-fix release to address a problem Kaboodle had making GetEngaged connections via a relay-server.

28 Apr 2005

19 Apr 2005

  • Only 3.5 years after the initial Sourceforge release, Kaboodle Version 1.0 is available for download! A whole new GUI, feels like a whole new app.

19 Mar 2005

  • Using the same "firewall friendly" echoWare technology that Kaboodle uses, the first release of EchoVNC is now available.

02 Mar 2005

09 Dec 2004

  • Cleaning up some remaining WinXP and KaboodleProxy difficulties, Kaboodle 0.99e is available for download. Fixed a VNC-detection limitation as well.

05 Nov 2004

  • Hopefully the last of the pre-releases, Kaboodle 0.99d is available for download. This version is fully tested with KaboodleProxy 1.2, and some incompatablities with WinXP have also been addressed. And an installer; woo!

1 Nov 2004

  • KaboodleProxy 1.2 for Linux server released to Beta testers. Thanks for the help!

22 Feb 2004

20 Feb 2004

  • Last of the pre-releases, Kaboodle 0.99c is available for download. This version is now fully compatible with KaboodleProxy and version 4.0 of VNC.

23 Dec 2003

28 Nov 2003

  • Release of Kaboodle 0.99b. It includes some fairly substancial feature enhancements the the remote-control UI, and the VPN interface. Also nailed down some various bugs found in 0.99a.

17 May 2003

  • Release of Kaboodle 0.99a, a bug-fix update to 0.99. Eliminated bugs include a hiccup working with TightVNC and a bug which caused some Groups to disappear sometimes.

7 Jan 2003

  • Kaboodle® is now a registered trademark at the USPTO!.

25 December 2002

  • Kaboodle 0.99, the full-featured version, released! Just waiting on the Kaboodle web-portal to be completed to release 1.0. And, okay, some updated documentation. And maybe an installer too. And...maybe Christmas isn't the best day to do this.

28 November 2002

  • Kaboodle's "Statement of Use" accepted by the USPTO. Trademark coming soon...

12 September 2002

  • Kaboodle 0.95, the last pre-release version, released! Better GUI colors and icons, better VNC logging, a "Web Config" capability for appliances, other misc stability fixes.

17 August 2002

  • Kaboodle 0.90 released! Secure file-transfer, user-selectable icons, automatic OS discovery of new devices.

14 April 2002

  • Kaboodle 0.80 released! Improved UI, improved LAN discovery, and better VNC control.

26 January 2002

  • FAQ updated to version 0.06.

25 January 2002

  • FAQ updated to version 0.05.

21 January 2002

  • Kaboodle 0.75 released! No installer yet. Same-LAN VNC tunnelling and control wrapper functional.

18 January 2002

  • Design spec for version 0.80 finalized.

12 January 2002

  • Kaboodle's "Allegation of Use" filed with the USPTO. Expect a trademark to issue soon. Woo.

29 November 2001

  • Kaboodle pages go live. Mucho gracias to Audacity for the webpage theme. I hope it's taken in the spirit of "immitation is the highest form of flattery". Thanks!

26 October 2001

23 October 2001

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