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Download Kaboodle for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP here:
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Feel free to share any thoughts you have about Kaboodle, your expected use, how you heard about it, etc. Of course, we'll keep all this info to ourselves, using it only to make Kaboodle better.

Please include me in Kaboodle-announce emails when updated versions are available.

Kaboodle_1.02_Setup.exe (1229 kB)

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, or XP.
    Might work on Windows 95. Shrug.
  • 300 MHz processor or better recommended.
  • 256-color Display, 800x600 size.

As always, for help just send email to:

New in Kaboodle 1.0 for Windows:

  • Wholly redesigned GUI.
  • Added a "Print" capability for hardcopies of your LAN topology.
  • Added a "Save and Restore" capability for your network setup.
  • Several bug fixes to VNC initiation, file-transfer, and initial startup.

Known issues with Kaboodle 1.0 for Windows:

  • WinPcap and passive detection currently disabled.
  • Crashes seen with IEEE-1394 virtual adapters.
  • Network installation of VNC currently disabled.

New in Kaboodle 0.99e for Windows:

  • Slow startup in WinXP repaired.
  • Retuned echoWare and KaboodleProxy interface.
  • Fixed a VNC-detection limitation.

New in Kaboodle 0.99d for Windows:

  • "Personal VPN" capability working well with KaboodleProxy 1.2
  • Fixed most WinXP and WinPcap incompatabilities.
  • An installer, finally!

New in Kaboodle 0.99c for Windows:

  • "Personal VPN" capability is now fully compatible with KaboodleProxy.
  • Minor GUI adjustments.

New in Kaboodle 0.99b for Windows:

  • "Personal VPN" engine recast to use Zebedee tunnels exclusively. Only one TCP port (user configurable) now needed for VPN connections.
  • Kaboodle now includes a folder of "Kaboodle Helper" apps.
  • Remote-control interface simplified. It now auto-selects between Remote Desktop, VNC, and HTTP web-config, depending on what the target device supports.

New in Kaboodle 0.99 for Windows:

  • LAN-to-LAN "Personal VPN" connectivity operational.
  • Improvemnets to LAN sniffing and passive detection.
  • "Web Config" added to the Service Icon group.
  • Groups can be now set Private for LAN-to-LAN connections.
  • File-transfer accelerated.

New in Kaboodle 0.95 for Windows:

  • Improved GUI colors and icons: 256 websafe color palatte.
  • Web Config capability added for appliances.
  • VNC connection logging improved.

New in Kaboodle 0.90 for Windows:

  • Secure file-transfer working. Per-transfer permission and per-machine access-control.
  • Automatic OS detection of discovered devices.
  • Secure channels for VNC tunneling improved.
  • User-selectable icons and extended icon selection added.
  • VPN control channel and partner discovery operational.
  • Improved LAN population discovery and network database synchronization.

New in Kaboodle 0.80 for Windows:

  • Improved UI: devices now grouped by type. Up-arrow, Dn-arrow, Page-Up, Page-Dn, Return (to open a device's PropertyPanel) and Escape (to close a device's PropertyPanel) all working.
  • Much faster LAN population discovery and VNC server discovery.
  • VNC Viewer initiation to non-Kaboodle machines working now.
  • Authorized VNC users can now be managed in an "Access List".
  • VPN registration, partner setup and initiation all improved.

New in Kaboodle 0.75 for Windows:

  • Kaboodle can now initiate secure VNC sessions.
  • Icons reworked to a 256 Windows color safety pallette.

New in Kaboodle 0.74 for Windows:

  • Improved LAN auto-detection.

New in Kaboodle 0.73 for Windows:

  • Personal VPN via "GetEngaged" website operational.

For a complete list of features and known issues in Kaboodle, see the News page.