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Organize Your Network into Groups

After Kaboodle is done discovering and classifying your network population, you'll see that it has organized your network devices into Groups. Kaboodle starts up with 5 initial Groups:

  • My Services (utilities such as file-transfer, remote control, etc.)
  • My PC's (the default group)
  • My Mac's (Apple Macintosh devices)
  • My Printer's (network printers)
  • My Appliances (e.g., DSL routers, wireless access-points, etc.)
Once your devices are all placed into their initial Groups, you can customize things however you want. You can change your devices' icons by double-clicking (or right-clicking) on a device to open its Property Panel (then just click on the "Icon Properties" tab). You can also add, delete, or rename Groups, and can move devices from one Group into another:

To change a Group's name, to add a new Group, or to delete an empty Group, simply double-click on the Group icon to open its Property Panel. In every Group's Property Panel, you have the option of making that Group's contents Private. The contents of a Private group are not made accessible to the GetEngaged Personal-VPN partners that you've setup a connection with: they won't see the Group of devices in their GUI, and they cannot transact data with any devices in a private Group. By default, your Group of "My Services" is the only one which starts up with this Privacy option enabled.

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