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Sending Files with Kaboodle

With the file-transfer capability of Kaboodle, two users can send files to each other across their network or even across the Internet. While the file is being transferred, strong cryptographic means are used to insure that no third-party can "eavesdrop" on the file contents.

To initiate a file-transfer to another Kaboodle user, double-click on the "File Transfer" Service icon in the top row of the Kaboodle GUI, and then click on the "Send a File" tab. First, choose a PC running Kaboodle from the dropdown list. Next, choose a file from your computer that you want to send. Third, add an optional comment that the recipient will see with your transfer request. Finally, click "Okay" and the file transfer will begin:

After you click the "Start..." button, Kaboodle will initiate a file transfer to the other user. On their PC, they will see a popup asking permission to accept the file transfer:

Once the recipient chooses a place to save the file, Kaboodle will transfer the file. You can monitor the progress of this, or any, file transfer activity by choosing the "Status" tab in the Property Panel of the File Transfer service icon.

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