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How do I install Kaboodle?

Kaboodle is currently distributed as just a ZIP file. After downloading it, you simply need to extract the Zipfile contents to your hard drive somewhere. Then, to make it easy to start, right-click on the Kaboodle.exe icon, and choose Send To -> Desktop (Create Shortcut). That should put a Kaboodle icon onto your Desktop; just double-click that icon to get started.

When Kaboodle starts for the first time, it will spend a minute or so discovering and classifying all other devices on your whole network. If you have a small LAN, this shouldn't take too long at all. This data is stored in an internal Kaboodle database; to force Kaboodle to rebuild this database from scratch, simply start Kaboodle with the SHIFT key held down.

Lastly, Kaboodle depends on some other applications to make its role really useful, such as VNC, WinPcap and Zebedee. If you have these utilities installed on your PC already, Kaboodle will automatically detect them and start using them. If you do not, don't worry: the Kaboodle installation comes with a "Kaboodle Helper" folder containing the needed programs, and it will automatically use those instead.

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