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What is Kaboodle all about?

Kaboodle is a free, open-source LAN command-console for Windows. It can automatically detect your LAN population, help you take remote-control of what it finds, and can be used to securely connect two LAN's together across the Internet. It is designed to enable these really cool network capabilities for the "average" Internet user -- ie, someone who knows their email address but not their IP address.

The main GUI of Kaboodle displays a visual representation of your LAN and all of the devices detected within it. You can then take remote control of many of these devices simply by double-clicking on them. Once your network is under control, you can use Kaboodle's GetEngaged capability to connect your LAN with another Kaboodle user's LAN, across the Internet.

When you're connected with your "Personal VPN" partner, or group of partners, anything you can do with Kaboodle on your local network (remote-control, file-transfer, network discovery, etc.), you can do with the remote network as well.

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